sewer-jetting-services-in-houstonSewer Jetting Service Houston

Sewer jetting (or commonly known as hydro-jetting) is process that uses high pressure or high speed water in order to clean any blockages in pipe or sewer systems. It is usually used as the first approach to clean the blocked lines. The hydro-jetting procedure is usually used to solve the problems. People usually do this procedure routinely in order to keep the lines functioning properly. This procedure is very important to minimize the blockages that can result in the line breakage. You should prevent this from happening because line breakage requires more expensive and drastic remediation.

Our camera systems allow us to observe the internal workings of the pipe line to find any existing problems in the pipe line. If we find that the blockage line is the problem, we can use our hydro-jetting equipment to solve that problem.

The accumulation can build up inside the pipes. There are many items that can cause blockage in a pipe, for example sand, silt, grease, scale, and any other sediments that can build up inside the pipe. Sewer jetting is the only answer for that problem.

Sewer Jetting Service Houston has a powerful power nozzle that is attached to high pressure. This hydro-jetting process can destroy any blockages inside the pipe interior or on the pipe exterior. This process usually uses approximately 4000 psi.

It should be considered as the regular maintenance for any businesses, such as food processing or restaurants operations that can produce oil or grease on the sinks and pipe. This step is very important to prevent any build up inside the pipe or sinks.

Sewer Jetting Services Houston is Very Popular

At Sewer Jetting Services Houston, the sewer hydro-jetting has become our best service. The sewer jet cleaning service is usually used to loosen any debris in the pipe or drainage system. This is very important to remove any debris that is very difficult to be removed from the system. Once the debris or dirt is loose in the pipe line, the debris can be washed easily by using high volume of water. The combination of high volume and high pressure of water is very important to make the equipment work well. At our company, we use sewer jet cleaning equipment in order to provide our best services, such as

  • Yard Drain
  • Driveway Drain
  • Sanitary Lateral or Man-Hole
  • Storm Lateral or Man-Hole
  • Field Drain Tile
  • Catch Basin Drain Line
  • Curb Drain Line
  • Culvert Drain
  • Grease Interceptor
  • Oil and Sand Interceptor
  • Storm Water Quality Unit

Sewer Jetting Services Houston Uses a Very Special Process

Sewer Jet Cleaning Service uses water that is stored inside a reservoir tank. Then we will flow all water through a pump. Then the water is going to be pushed by a hose at approximately 2000 psi. The water flow is around 65 gallons per minute. The water is going to be used to clean any pipe lines in order to remove many different types of blockages. The primary function is to break up or loosen any solidified debris in the drain line. Then, we are able to wash the debris from the drain system by using high volume of water.

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