video-inspection-services-houstonHouston Sewer Video Inspection Service

Video pipeline inspection service that is combined with the Electronic Radio Detection Line Locating service is very important in our service program. Using the combination of our best equipment, the Video Inspection Houston service has the ability to find the source of the problem. With your detailed inspection process, we are also able to forecast any problems that may occur in the future. As the result, we are going to develop a good corrective plan for our clients.

Video Inspection Houston has an availability to observe the lines from 3″ up to 6″ in diameter by using “push camera” technology. This technology is specially designed for observing the small diameter pipelines. As the addition, we are also able to inspect bigger pipe sizes from 8″ up to 48″ in diameter by using “crawler camera”. This camera is specially designed for observing large diameter pipelines in any businesses. The camera is driven through the sewer system by using a track or wheel system that is controlled by our professional operator.

All of our inspection work that is performed by our company called as Video Inspection Houston is going to be presented to our clients in both DVD and VHS formats. We also include a detailed inspection report after being reviewed by our professional team members. This report is very important to let you know the next step that you have to do to keep your pipe lines clean. The report is also important to describe the video clearly because the images are not clear for the untrained people.


Houston Sewer Video Inspection Service Can Do the Job

When there is a blockage on your pipe or sewer system, how are you going to know what is causing the problem? Camera is the only answer to identify any pipe obstructions or damages on the pipe that can inhibit the proper drain flow. Using a camera for observing the pipe is very useful to accurately and quickly analyze the problem.

This is the best thing that you can do. You can use a flexible fiber optic wire. This cable is going to have a high resolution video camera attached to it. Then it is going to be inserted to the pipe. The operator can view the pipe interior through the monitor.

Video Inspection Houston Service also uses camera in order to verify any repairs in your pipe. You can also use the videos to verify that the sewer systems have been taken care of.

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